The Focus

Fisheries often suffer from a lack of information and technical expertise upon which to base management decisions. This problem is often acute in developing countries which have limited financial resources and human capital available for fisheries management.

The Approach

We work alongside local partners including fishing communities, the fishing industry, local resource managers and government agencies to develop the data sets needed to make informed decisions. We focus on developing information on who is fishing, what is being caught and where fishing activity is actually occurring. Building on from this we work to strengthen data collection systems and build capacity for long term monitoring and management.

Our science based recommendations aim to enhance fisheries productivity, foster biodiversity conservation and support coastal communities whose livelihoods depend on fishing.


The program is currently focused on commercially important fisheries in The Caribbean as well as providing sustained technical support to fisheries management agencies and coastal communities in Belize, Honduras and Myanmar.

With Whom

SI team members: Iliana Chollett & Steven Canty. Click here for team bios.

Partners: Center for Marine Studies, Honduras; Summit Foundation; National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Honduran Fisheries Department; Department of Fisheries, Myanmar. Click here for all partners

Black Grouper
Fish Drying on Fence
Various fish