Nathan is a biologist dedicated to finding scientific and community based solutions to the numerous challenges involved in marine conservation. Nathan’s research explores pathways of connectivity in spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), queen conch (Strombus gigas), and yellowtail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) throughout networks of marine reserves and fishing grounds in the Caribbean. His project integrates population genomics, biophysical modeling and adaptation to local environmental conditions. His research will help trace marine species to their population of origin and clarify the appropriate scales of management.

Nathan’s research has been supported by the Sustainable Consumption Institute and Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester (UK), the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (USA) and the Smithsonian’s Global Genome Initiative (USA).


Nathan completed a Bachelors of Science in cell and molecular biology at the University of Washington, a Masters of Science in Fisheries Biology at Oregon State University, and a PhD at the University of Manchester (UK).