Reports & Data

We recently produced a map of marine habitats for eastern Honduras. The maps remain unvalidated, but they are the most detailed information for the region. Download maps here. (2015)

Here you can find some general freely available GIS layers to understand marine resource use in Honduras. You might find some Spanish here. (2015)

In this directory you can find information on Marine Protected Areas and no-take areas in Honduras: GIS files and legal documents are up to date until April 2015. You might find some Spanish here. (2015)


How will fisheries adapt to marine reserves? Our research in Conservation Biology shows how to calculate which fisheries can adapt to marine reserve placement. (2015)

The climate and the economy are changing. Our research in Ecological Economics show how artisanal fisheries in the Bay Islands are affected by these factors and how they could adapt to global change. (2014)

Our work in PLoS ONE shows a method for designing reserve networks that will provide reefs with the largest chance of surviving climate change, which we apply in Honduras. (2014)

Seeing and seizing the opportunity for targeted marine conservation. Bioscience highlights our work in Honduras. (2013)

Parrotfish play an important role on tropical reefs by eating the seaweeds that damage coral, but decades of heavy fishing have severely reduced parrotfish numbers. Our recent work in MEPS discovered that parrotfish populations can recover very rapidly when fish traps are banned, which is great news for Atlantic reefs. (2015)

An unusual characteristic of parrotfish is that they can change sex. Our new study in the journal Coral Reefs reports that even when fishing has badly altered the sex ratios of females to males, parrotfish can quickly return to their natural sex ratios once fishing stops. (2015)

General Interest

National Geographic feature the launch of the fish landing app in Honduras (2015)

Smithsonian Magazine highlights our use of genomic tools to make fisheries more sustainable (2015)

The BBC showcase our genetic work on parrotfish connectivity as part of a series on the Caribbean (2015)

National Geographic focused on the work with indigenous communities to build sustainable fisheries in Honduras (2013)